Health Officials Reveal The Dangers Of Sleeping By Your Phone

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Many of us feel we've lost a limb if we're without our phone. But while this is the digital age, health officials have warned of the dangers of not properly detoxing from our phones at night. 

The Californian Department of Public Health released new information on the risk of radiation from our mobile phones and how we can reduce it. 

And unfortunately, sleeping with our phones under our pillow so we don't miss our latest Whatsapp message isn't ideal. 

Dr. Karen Smith of the Californian Department of Public Health advised: "When you sleep, you keep the cellphone at least arm's length away from your body. And also, not carrying your cellphone in your pocket, having it either in your purse or not carrying it with you." 

Some studies in the past have linked the over usage of mobile phones with the risk of brain tumours, low sperm count, headaches, and impaired memory, hearing and sleep. California officials have also expressed concerns that "long-term high use may impact human health." 

From: Cosmopolitan UK

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