Here Are 100 Free AI Courses to Expand Your Professional Skills


Many people are still wary of artificial intelligence or AI, thanks to the negative portrayal of the technology in science fiction and films. But what many don’t realize is how AI makes lives easier and more convenient. 

The future is geared toward AI, and companies know it. That’s why growth in AI-related fields is expected to grow rapidly in the next couple of years. To grow professionally, we also have to adapt and learn new skills. 

Based on LinkedIn’s latest data, the fastest-growing AI-related skills among professionals in 2022 all hint at the emergence of generative AI, a form of AI that has a wide range of applications, including creating text, images, and audio as well as writing code. 

In the Philippines, there is a new bill seeking the creation of an AI development authority. The country plans to accelerate the adoption of this disruptive technology and reap economic benefits from it. 

LinkedIn has released 100 LinkedIn Learning courses on generative AI in various languages for free. It is available from March 16 to June 30, 2023.  

The complete list of courses, available here, covers the following:

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