If Filipino Heroes Had Twitter and Facebook Accounts Today...

They would still be woke AF.

Some people say that social media is the new tool for revolution. It's helped Filipinos band together to respond to crisis, organize demonstrations, or break records. Of course, if the internet already existed during the Philippine Revolution for Independence, one would wonder how Bonifacio or Rizal would have used it to further their cause.

Every June 12, Twitter commemorates our independence from Spain with the #RP612Fic with fake tweets from these heroes that explores how their lives would have been if they used social media. Taking it a bit further, some parody accounts remain active all year longsome to spread a few laughs, and some to keep Filipinos woke AF in the midst of political and social crises.

Heneral Luna Memes (
When Heneral Luna became the unexpected box office hit of 2015, fans created a page to commemorate the soon-to-be-classic via humorous and empathic memes. It eventually evolved into an active page that uses scenes from the movie to caption nuggets of wisdom about life or everyday struggles of a typical millennial of Gen Z-er.


The page would also post commentaries about the country’s burning issues, with Heneral Luna as its mouthpiece.

Pepeng Pinakamalupit (
Pepe was Jose Rizal’s pet name when he was a kid and while the Pepeng Pinakamalupit frequently references the national hero, the moderators are a bit more relaxed about their personification. For one, the account mostly reposts celebrity memes and news. While Rizal was known for his sense of humor, we doubt that he was in the habit of spreading celebrity gossip. He was the celebrity.

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Pareng Emilio (
Emilio Jacinto may be the brains behind the Katipunan and the writer of the famous Kartilya, but in his parody account, @ParengEmilio, he is an emo boy who posts quotes and hugot.

The account also follows other heroes from different periods such as @MarengMelchora (Melchora Aquino), @ParengDiego (Diego Silang), @ParengLapuLapu, @ParengPlaridel (Marcelo H. Del Pilar), @ParengNinoy (Ninoy Aquino), and more. Unfortunately, the other accounts are not as active.

Emilio D Jacinto (
Some people just can't stick to one account. The @EmilioDJacinto account posts a lot of tweets about different issues, from his discontent about public officials up to what he thinks about the Miss Universe competition.


Supremo Bonifacio (
The Supremo has a Twitter account and it’s just as woke and agitated as he would probably have been if he lived in the age of social media. The @SupremoBonifacio account isn’t afraid to share his two cents on the day’s hottest political and social issues.

Needless to say, the country’s supposedly first president isn’t happy with the people who took over his seat. And we don’t mean Emilio Aguinaldo. 

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