Instagram Just Quietly Released A Version Which Won't Eat Up Your Data

It's called Instagram Lite
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Instagram's very quietly launched a version of the app which is way less data-hungry and memory-hogging than the full-fat version.

Instagram Lite only takes up 573 kilobytes of memory on your phone, compared to the original's 141MB on iOS, and Instagram say it's designed to be a version which "takes up less space on your device, uses less data, and starts faster."

It won't let you post videos or DM friends, but the rest of Instagram's functions are there, including posting images and watching Stories.

You can find Instagram Lite on the Google Play store, and it's designed for users in countries which don't have 4G signal as reliable or as far-reaching as we're used to over here, and where data can be a lot more expensive compared to the average wage. Basically, it's about tapping the market in developing countries and adding to the billion people already using Instagram.

Facebook has been on the 'lite' bandwagon for a while. Facebook Lite came out in 2015 and Messenger Lite followed in April this year, while Uber Lite was released in mid-June.


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