The End of An Era: Microsoft Will Retire Internet Explorer Tomorrow

Thank you for your service, Internet Explorer.

The era of Internet Explorer is coming to an end. On June 15, Microsoft will “discontinue” Internet Explorer, which in tech speak means that IE will end up in the Internet’s junkyard until the end of time. 

First released in 1995, IE was a major breakthrough in digital innovations. It reached its peak in 2003 when IE boasted 95 percent of usage share, and almost everyone has a memory of dial-up internet using IE. But when Firefox and Chrome hit the market, IE plummeted. The platform was unable to keep up with its competitors, and eventually, IE went from the most used internet browser to the most reviled. 

In the world of internet browsers, IE became the butt of the joke for its universally slow loading time and aged interface. Its reputation hit rock bottom by the 2010s, and Microsoft released Microsoft Edge as the company’s successor to IE. Since Edge’s release, Microsoft has been slowly phasing out IE and announced in 2021 that they would be discontinuing IE altogether. 

While almost no one nowadays uses Internet Explorer, almost everyone has nostalgic memories of browsing the internet using IE, waiting for dial-up to connect. For millions if not billions of internet users, IE was our gateway to the digital world. 

But nowadays, anyone who opens Internet Explorer… uses it to download Google Chrome. 

While IE’s successor is faster and more efficient, Edge is still far from being a worthy competitor to Chrome, which boasts 70 percent of the market compared to Edge’s measly seven percent. That’s a far cry from IE’s 95 percent user share in 2003. 


IE is proof that when it comes to the internet, it’s either innovate or die. 

Still, we salute Internet Explorer for all the memories (and nightmares). Rest In peace, IE. Thank you for your service. 

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