Here's How the iPhone 7 Measures Up Against a Top-Notch Hollywood Film Camera

Not quite as unfair as it sounds.

It's a question we've all pondered from time to time: "Just how would my iPhone compare to a blockbuster-grade Hollywood camera that costs more than a semi-detached in Scarborough?"

Well we've got good news for you, because one curious YouTuber has gone and answered that very question, taking the iPhone 7+ and seeing how it measures up against the Arri Alexa, a camera that's been used to film the likes of Drive, The Revenant, Arrival, Logan, and plenty of other undoubtedly good-looking pictures.

By doing side-by-side comparisons in a variety of lights and set-ups, we can see just how the camera in your pocket holds up against such a high-tech piece of kit...the results might surprise you.

Or maybe they won't.

But maybe they will?

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