Is Manny Pacquiao the Next 'Legend' Skin in Mobile Legends? 

'It is one of the biggest things to happen in Mobile Legends history.'
IMAGE Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

Developers of the popular eSports game Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (ML) has released teasers on its next big offering, and it could involve Manny Pacquiao. The two teasers gave clues on the matter. 

On November 4, the official Facebook page of ML posted a cryptic photo. The teaser shows an illustration of a newspaper with a hooded man on the right side.  In the caption of the post, ML hinted that it had something to do with the letter M. 

“We overheard two staff whispering as if talking about a huge secret. We heard that the secret starts with the letter M.” 

Then, on November 13, ML posted the biggest reveal about the “secret.” The video pans from a boxing glove, a punching bag, and a boxing ring, then opens with a voice that sounds like Bruce Buffer announcing the entrance of a certain boxer from the Philippines. 


If you open the ML app, a popup appears with the words “A legend is coming” with a letter M in the background. 

Photo by Mobile Legends Bang Bang.


Here’s what we think about these posts. 

A Manny Pacquiao Legend Skin Might Be Coming

Characters in Mobile Legends have different skins you can use (to the unfamiliar, a “skin” is like a “costume” that characters have so they stand out on the battlefield). Skins vary in prices depending on their rarity.

Regular skins cost around P250 each, Elite skins cost P400 to P600, Special skins cost P750, Epic skins cost P900 to P1,200. There are also limited-time event skins, which go for as high as P5,000 to P7,000. 

But the rarest of all are Legend skins, which fetch for as high as P12,000 each. Of the hundreds of skins ML has produced, only six Legend skins were ever made

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This is what we think is coming to ML—a Legend skin based on the look of Manny Pacquiao. But which hero would wield it? 

Probably Badang, who is one of the few characters who do not use weapons or magic in the game. Another guess is Chou, who uses martial arts as his special skills. 

In any case, if it does turn out to be a skin based on Pacquiao, it will be the first time Mobile Legends has spawned a skin based on an actual living person. It has always maintained that all characters and events in the game are fictional and should not be linked with persons. 

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