Leaked PS5 Footage Shows That It Might Actually Be The Console Of Your Dreams

Loading screens will soon feel as antiquated as sticking cartridges into your N64
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The cold war between the Xbox and PlayStation 5 camps has warmed up a little of late, with both landing very mild jabs on the other.

Boof! Sony flaunts the awesome girth of the PS5's bandwidth. Kapow! A man on Twitter tells everyone his sources say the Xbox Two/Scarlet/Anaconda is going to be "more advanced" than the PS5. Steady on guys, this cold war's in danger of reaching room temperature!

Now, though, something has come out of Sony which might knock Microsoft back on its heels. The Wall Street Journal's Takashi Mochizuki took a video of a Sony presentation showing how its new console's computing power whittles loading times away to next to nothing, using the recent Spider-Man free-roamer as a test case.

That's an eight-second wait, demolished to less than a second. Crikey. Mochizuki also quotes the presentation as saying that the PS5 would allow gamers to play "anytime, anywhere, without disconnections," which matches up with a presentation given to investors by Sony CEO Jim Ryan this week.


His quite adorably 2003-ish PowerPoint presentation suggested that games will be "seamlessly enjoyed independent of time and place – with or without a console". That sounds a lot like streaming will be as big a part of the PS5 as your traditional game discs and your slighty-less-traditional-but-everyone's-used-to-it-now downloads.

So, in short: your move, Microsoft.

To WATCH the video, CICK HERE

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