Metro Manila Residents ‘Smoke’ the Equivalent of 6.3 Cigarettes a Month Because of Air Pollution

That’s nothing compared to India, though.

According to an app eloquently named Shit! I Smoke, the average Metro Manila citizen inhales enough air pollution equivalent to 6.3 cigarettes per month. That’s about 0.2 cigarettes per day and 1.5 cigarettes per week.

Photo by SHIT ! SMOKE.

Photo by SHIT ! SMOKE.

But that’s nothing compared to the likes of cities in India where residents inhale enough air pollution equivalent to entire packs of cigarettes. In Mumbai alone, the air pollution is so bad that residents would smoke 83.4 cigarettes a month, while in New Delhi, residents inhale the equivalent to 112.6 cigarettes per month.


Yikes. Our 6.3 cigarette sticks aren’t looking so bad right now.

Photo by SHIT ! SMOKE.

Photo by SHIT ! SMOKE.

The app Shit! I Smoke was developed by Amaury Martiny and Marcelo Coelho, who based it on an air pollution study published on Berkley Earth that used a formula to convert air pollution to its equivalent in cigarette sticks. The app aims to show people just how unclean their urban air is, based on live data that the developers also collect from Air Quality Index (AQI), which monitors air pollution around the world uses air quality stations.

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Six-point-three cigarette sticks a month might seem like a lot to everyone who isn’t a chain-smoker, but at least you’re not living in an Indian city that sells clean air.

You can download Shit! I Smoke on App Store and Google Play.

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