This 'Air Charger' Lets You Charge Your Phone Without Pads or Cables

It's like a WiFi router but for charging.
IMAGE Xiaomi

Wireless charging pads are officially obsolete, thanks to a cool piece of tech invented by Xiaomi called Mi Air Charger

The Air Charger is a device that allows you to charge your phone remotely without cables or charging stands. Think of it as a WiFi router, but one for charging your phones through airwaves. This means the Air Charger can power up multiple devices without the inconvenience of putting down your phone or wrestling with cables. 

Photo by Xiaomi.

How does the Air Charger work?

The air charger is a box that you can plug anywhere in your home. Once plugged, it will transmit energy waves around the house. These energy transmissions will be picked up by your phone, which will charge automatically. Physical obstacles do not limit the charging capacity of the Air Charger. 

“Soon our living room devices, including speakers, desk lamps, and other small smart home products, will all be built upon a wireless power supply design, completely free of wires, making our living rooms truly wireless,” wrote Xiaomi in a statement. 


Does the Air Charger work with all phones?

The Air Charger is designed to pair with Xiaomi phones, but the Air Charger supposedly comes with a set of miniaturized antenna arrays with a built-in beacon antenna and receiving antenna array that you can attach to your phone. This allows your phone to receive transmissions from the Air Charger, which are converted into electric energy for your phone's battery. 

No release date and price range have been announced by Xiaomi for its Mi Air Charger, but it’s something worth considering for your shopping cart. 

Photo by Xiaomi.

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