Before It Dominated the Tech Industry, Microsoft Was Rocking This Groovy Logo

Can’t believe we just said groovy.

Staying true to the spirit of the 1970s, Microsoft’s first-ever logo can be described by no other word than groovy. Back when Bill Gates was a lanky 20-something and hairspray was a way of life, Microsoft’s first logo looked like a spoof from That '70s Show—or perhaps it's the other way around. In celebration of its 46th anniversary, Microsoft dug this gem out from the archives.

It’s even got all four essential colors of the current logo, which is definitely not as… charismatic as this blast from the past.

Here’s the logo in black and white:  


In the early days of Microsoft when Gates prophesied that there would be “a computer on every desk, and in every home, running Microsoft software,” the company was nothing more than a “small startup looking to change the world.”

After its '70s disco phase, Microsoft underwent its first rebranding, this time transforming into an '80s thrash metal band, and we can’t help but claim this as our favorite. Led Zeppelin had nothing on them.

Microsoft’s current logo is certainly the most demure of its many reinventions, so here’s to hoping it revives its '70s disco or '80s metal era.

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