Face Masks Are So 2020. Space Helmets Are The Way to Go

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Houston, this is Esquire.

Want to protect yourself from the pandemic? Why not invest in a “mask” that you could recycle…like, on Mars. Apparently, modified space helmets might be the fashion of the future.

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Taking “face masks” to a whole new level, AIR by MicroClimate is engineered with a built-in ventilation system that makes sure the air you breathe is clean—and COVID-free. It costs about $199, but its battery only lasts four hours. That means you’ll need to find an outlet to, you know, plug your head into a socket.

Perfect for crowded places like classrooms and trains, the best part of this pseudo-space helmet might be the fact that you can finally wear your glasses sans the fog.


Meanwhile, a Toronto-based company called VYZR Technologies has launched a space helmet you can use on Earth (that costs $379). It’s called the BioVYZR, and it’s already sold out.

After raising $800,000 via crowdfunding on Indiegogo, the company developed a device similar to an astronaut’s space helmet equipped with anti-fog windows, a battery-powered fan, and hospital-grade air purifiers.

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Talk about “fashion forward.” These helmets are clearly way ahead of their time, but consumers are quickly catching up, what with a worldwide pandemic to worry about.

The idea of walking down the street with a space helmet might seem a little too dystopian, but that’s what we thought before face masks were required everywhere you go. The time for everyday space helmets might be upon us, especially considering the ongoing pandemic, plans to colonize Mars, and a little thing called catastrophic climate change.

Houston, I think we have a problem.

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