These Are the Websites the World Spends the Most Time On


Zyro, a website building tool, has revealed the top sites that the world spends the most time on. By studying data, Zyro recorded the number of monthly visits and average visit duration. to figure out just how much time people spend doing whatever it is they do: watch videos? read the news? or even late night curiosities that only Google can answer.

Unsurprisingly, Google, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram made up the top five of the list. " is the world’s most visited website, no matter how you count it," the study said. "Out of the top 20 sites with the most visits, Google has the second-highest visit duration: 11:58 minutes. Times that by a trillion annual visits and we’re spending 1.6 million years per year on Google's search engine alone."

Check out the top 10 most popular websites and how much we've spent time on them.

  1. Google - 213.2 billion hours
  2. YouTube - 142.6 billion hours
  3. Facebook - 446 billion hours
  4. Twitter - 13.4 billion hours
  5. Instagram - 8.9 billion hours
  6. Yandex - 7.8 billion hours
  7. Baidu - 7.2 billion hours
  8. Xvideos - 6.5 billion hours
  9. Yahoo - 5.7 billion hours
  10. Naver 4.6 billion hours

What's surprising is while Yahoo gets 5.7 billion hours of browsing time each year, it's beat out by Naver when it comes to average visit duration. Researchers say users skim Yahoo's headlines but stay longer at Naver for longer reading.

Other interesting findings include the fact that the world spends 422 billion hours annually on the most popular websites. Whew, that's a lot of hours.

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