This High-Tech Muzzle Will Mute Your Pained Screams 

We love technology. 

We’ve seen a lot of weird shit out here, but this might be the weirdest…and maybe the best? Introducing the Mutalk, a high-tech muzzle by the startup Shitftall designed to mute your pained screams into the void. 

The Japanese startup—because of course it’s Japanese—designed the muzzle to allow people to have conversations without being overheard. While that’s a noble intention, we can’t help but see it as the perfect device to muzzle the sound of us screaming into the abyss. Or ranting about a boss. Or shouting at a significant other. Yup, we see many uses for this weird invention in the future. 

Photo by Mutalk.

Designed to fit over a wearer’s mouth and chin, it’s positioned to block out all outside noise. We can only imagine the audio quality. The Mutalk is still in development, so for now, you'll have to keep those screams to yourself. 


Shiftall (not Shitfall) plans to target consumers who live in crowded areas, particularly those who live in apartments with thin walls. It’ll allow you to make private calls without neighbors eavesdroppers or react to movies and games without neighbors complaining. While we appreciate the appeal of privacy with this device, there’s only one reason we’d get it.

And that’s to scream our guts out.  

Photo by Mutalk.

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