There Are Only 28 Websites in North Korea

North Korea is an intriguing place when it comes to technologywe get the odd glimpse through a GoPro, their bizarre Netflix equivalent or a Facebook clone, but never really the full picture.

That is, until now, proving that nothing stays private from the long and unforgiving reach of the internet for too long: A Reddit thread, linking to a GitHub data dump, shows off what is apparently a list of websites registered to North Korea's official domain, '.kp'. Beforehand, little to nothing was known about the secretive country's web service.

After the apparent leak, though, we now know about ALL of themwell, all 28, that is. The wrong turn, according to the GitHub post, occurred when North Korea accidentally opened up a server that held the domain name information. A move we imagine supremo Kim Jong-un didn't simply shrug his shoulders at. So what do North Koreans have on offer when they look online?

Well, we assume everyone's hitting up the Friend social network.


How about taking a tour of the country?

Catch up on the "news", aka a Kim Jong-Un tracker.

And for if you want to get the hell out of North Korea:

watch now

Other websites do exist, though they either look very similar to the ones above or are now blocked from access. It's also important to point out that while these domains appear official, this kind of thing can be tricky to verify.

From: Digital SpyThis story originally appeared on and appears here with minor edits made by the editors.
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