Update Your Passwords, Because These Combinations Can Be Cracked Instantly 

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Time to change your password because your cat’s name just won’t cut it anymore. In fact, a hacker can crack that password instantly. 

According to data from Security.org, any password with six characters or less can be cracked instantly, even if it has an uppercase letter, number, and symbol. If you don’t want to get your accounts hacked, then your passwords should be at least seven characters, and ideally with uppercase letters, numbers, and symbols. 

While the shortest and simplest password can be broken instantly, the strongest password can take thousands of years to crack. Of course, it matters if you have symbols, numbers, and uppercase letters. Taking into consideration the trillions of possible combinations, a 12-letter password with only lowercase letters can take up to three weeks to break. Meanwhile, a 12-letter password with uppercase letters, numbers, and symbols can take a whopping 34,000 years to crack. Now that’s a pretty huge difference. 

If you want to know just how safe your password is, check out the table below to know just how quickly it will take a computer to hack your account based on your password characters. It might be time to upgrade your password bank. 

Infographic: How Safe Is Your Password? | Statista You will find more infographics at Statista


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