Learn How to Code and Hack—and Pay What You Want


In this day and age when we’re dependent on technology for practically everything, knowing how to code can open up all kind of job opportunities. And in the same way that others take up Spanish, Chinese, or French as a hobby, learning the language of coding can be both useful and fun. If you’ve always wanted to learn how to program, you can now buy ten online coding courses for a song at Engadget. 

These in-depth courses include everything from programming languages to how to make iPhone apps. Here’s how it works: pay any amount you want—even as low as $1—and if it’s lower than the average price, you get to unlock one of the courses in the bundle. If you beat the average price, you’ll get lifetime access to all ten courses. As of this writing, the average price for the Learn to Code 2017 Bundle is $20.83. Considering that the bundle gets you 156 hours of coding instruction worth $1,573, that’s quite a steal. 


If binge-watching Mr. Robot has made you paranoid about hackers, you can learn how to protect yourself and others from attacks with the Ultimate White Hat Hacker 2018 Bundle. Learn how guys like Elliot think, and beat them at their own game. You’ll get eight courses covering topics like cyber security and penetration testing for just a little over $11.39. For the more creatively inclined, there’s an Adobe CC Lifetime Mastery Bundle as well.

If these pay-what-you-want deals seem too good to be true, it’s because they’re the result of a partnership between Engadget—an American technology news and reviews site—and StackCommerce, a company that helps publishers earn additional revenue through e-commerce. In a way, StackCommerce is basically like Deal Grocer for gadgets and online courses, if Deal Grocer partnered with lifestyle sites to sell their offers. And whether you're looking to switch careers or just want to gain a new skill set, these coding and ethical hacking courses are a pretty good investment. 

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