How Much Are Your Passwords, PINs, and Passports on the Dark Web? Criminally Affordable

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Last year, 2020, was the worst year of cyber attacks, and the war prizes are all for the reaping on the dark web. Passwords, PIN codes, passportsyou name it, it's on the dark web. And the craziest part? It's all criminally cheap, according to an in-depth report by cybersecurity research site PrivacyAffairs.

A cloned Mastercard PIN? $25 (about P1,200). A hacked global credit card with details and CVV? $35 (P1,600). A hacked Facebook account? $65 (P3,100). A fake U.S. green card? $150 (P7,100). An EU passport? $4,000 (P190,000). 

Almost every type of digital information can be bought and sold on the dark web market, from AMEX credit cards, PayPal accounts, crypto currency accounts, fake drivers licenses, fake U.S. state IDs, passports, and hell, even green cards. That's not to mention hacked social media accounts that you can buy with your new followers none the wiser. On the dark web, you can buy hacked accounts on Facebook, Instagram, twitter, Gmail, Twitch, Spotify, and LinkedIn. You can even buy cheap access to paid platforms like Netflix, HBO, Hulu, Canva, and naturally, porn sites.

Perhaps the most disturbing product on offer on the dark web are the malicious services like malware and DDOS attacks, which are disturbingly cheap despite the cost of its damage.

The proliferation of the dark web market proves just how much needs to be done to protect data and users. If you want to avoid becoming a victim of identity theft on the dark web, PrivacyAffairs suggests avoiding public and unsecured WiFi at all costs, checking ATMs for ATM skimmers that copy your cards and fake keypads that copy your PINs.


Also install anti-malware tools and password managers to keep your systems and data secure. And it goes without saying, don't use the same password twice. According to NordPass, the most used password of 2020 was "123456." Still an improvement from 2011's laughable "password."

The Internet's a dark and scary place, so protect your data unless you want to become the latest victim of identity fraud or credit card hacks. 

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