PUBG Mobile Just Released Its First-Ever Filipino Character Set

Based on the legendary bird from Philippine literature.

PUBG MOBILE, one of the world’s most popular mobile games, has unveiled thrilling content for fans of epic skins and mythology, focusing on the Philippines and its culture. With the country being one of PUBG MOBILE’s Southeast Asian markets with the highest number of players, Tencent has decided to follow up the Tagalog Voice Pack with yet another Filipino-themed offering. Soaring down from the skies and into PUBG MOBILE is the brand new legendary Phoenix Adarna set, exclusive to SEA.


Tencent aims to bring Adarna to the forefront alongside other mythological birds of the world like the Phoenix, the Griffin, and the Roman Caladrius. The Philippines’ Ibong Adarna will get its time in the gaming spotlight thanks to PUBG MOBILE.

Here are the events SEA PUBG MOBILE players have to look out for to collect the limited edition Phoenix Adarna set:

Event: Rise from the Ashes  (May 30 -  June 19)

Complete staged missions within a limited time to unlock different rewards


  •       Agent Phoenix Set Permanent - Finish Top 4 10 times
  •       Agent Phoenix Cover Permanent - Login 14 days out of 21 days
  •       Hairy Metal Set 7d) - Survive for 180 mins & Team up 10 times
  •       Indigo Flames - S1897 (5d) Defeat 20 enemies and team up 10 times
  •   Mecha Ant Backpack (5d) - Stay online for 180 minutes and team up 5 times

Event: Pandora: [Phoenix Adarna Arrival (June 1 - June 14)


  •       Daily login (5 points)
  •       Complete one match in Classic Mode (10 points)
  •       Finish in Top 10 once (15 points)
  •   Survive 40 mins (15 points)

Reward: Phoenix Adarna Avatar Frame / Radiant Phoenix Adarna Parachute

For players with extra UCs to spare, spend 15 UC per draw for in-game items featuring the Fiery Wings Backpack and Radiant Phoenix Adarna Buggy up for grabs. You can also take the chance for a lucky spin and pull the Phoenix Adarna Set, Phoenix Adarna Cover, and Radiant Phoenix Adarna - DP28.

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