Robots Could Soon Take Over Your... Dance Floor?

IMAGE Boston Dynamics

There’s been a lot of talk of AI and robotics foreshadowing the replacement of humankind. Why hire a human if you can get a robot to do it instead?

In a video released by Boston Dynamics, we’ve discovered something else robots are aiming to steal from us: the dancefloor. In a jaw-dropping video, four robots jive to The Countours’ Do You Love Me with some smooth moves that look very, very human.

We’ve got two Atlas’, the most “human-like” bots at Boston Dynamics, and they’re accompanied by Spot, the mechanical dog, and Handle, the warehouse worker.

All three move in unison with impressive range in resistance, flow, twisting, jumping, standing on tiptoes like ballerinas, and more amazingly human moves. The entire sequence is so in sync and flawless that netizens were quick to assume that the robots were made by CGI and not robotics.

But to remind everyone awed by this stunning and joyous vision of human innovation, Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk took to Twitter to remind onlookers, “This is not CGI.”


This is far from the Terminator-like future some expected—in fact, it’s way better.

Check out the full video below:

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