Planning to Get the New Samsung S20? Here’s When the Price Will Drop By Up to 21%

Data suggest a significant price drop soon, so maybe you should wait a while.

Samsung made a big splash when it unveiled its newest slate of flagship mobile phones earlier this February. With three variants, a camera that can take up to 108-megapixel images, a “space zoom,” 8k video recording, and a host of other new features, the South Korean brand is making sure to stay ahead in the cutthroat world of mobile phone technology.

But the phones, as expected, don’t come cheap. The basic S20 with a 6.2-inch screen retails for P49,990, the 6.7-inch S20+ goes for P55,990, and the S20 Ultra is priced at P69,990. 

If you find those prices too prohibitive, you may want to wait a while. According to the iPrice Group, which operates a meta search website that scours the internet to help consumers compare the prices of different products, the Samsung Galaxy S20’s price is predicted to drop by a significant amount in about six months to a year. 

The iPrice Group conducted independent research tracking the prices of three previous Samsung Galaxy S-models: S8, S9, and S10 since their release dates. Based on its own database of hundreds of merchants and online stores, it was able to get the average minimum price of the three models after six months and after a year from their release dates. iPrice gathered data by tracking Samsung's average minimum price in its platform.

Based on the study, the Samsung Galaxy S20’s release date price of P49,990 may drop to an estimated P39,492 (about 21 percent) after six months. After a year, Samsung Galaxy S20’s average minimum price may drop further to about P32,494 (35 percent).


The iPrice Group study also revealed three other interesting insights:

1| The average price drop of the S8, S9, and S10 six months after release date is 21 percent
After six months, Samsung Galaxy S8’s price dropped by 22 percent, the S9 by 24 percent, and the S10’s at 18 percent, which averages at 21 percent.

2| Samsung Galaxy S10 dropped as much as 45 percent a year after its release
Samsung Galaxy S10’s price significantly dropped a year after its release date. Its original price last year was P49,990.00, and the average minimum price you could purchase it for in online merchants today is P27,644.43.

3| Samsung Galaxy S8 and S9’s prices dropped by 30 to 31 percent after a year
One year after their release dates, both Samsung Galaxy S8 and S9 experienced a price drop of 30 to 31 percent. The Galaxy S8’s price dropped from P39,990 to P27,761, while the S9 dropped from P41,990 to P29,336.45. The average price drop of all three models (including Galaxy S10) a year from its release date is 35 percent. 

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More insights

The iPrice Group likewise revealed other interesting insights based on its study of Samsung’s flagship phone model. The Galaxy S8 and S9, for instance, had close release date prices; the S9 was only five percent more expensive than the S8. However, the Galaxy S10’s release date price is significantly higher than both models; its price is 19 percent higher than the Galaxy S9’s release date price. The iPrice Group believes this could be due to the similarities of the S8 and S9, and the leap in terms of upgrades (e.g. multiple cameras, better speed and graphics, etc.) of the S10.

The Galaxy S20, meanwhile, has the same release date price as the Galaxy S10 (P49,990), despite its upgrades.

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