This Is the Best Gaming Monitor We've Seen So Far


At first glance, the Samsung G9 Odyssey looks badass. It looks like a piece of alien tech reverse-engineered for gamers. At 1000R, the G9 is currently the widest curved gaming monitor in the world. 

Why is the Odyssey G9 so wide, though? 

At 49 inches, the Odyssey G9 fulfills the purpose of having three gaming monitors at once. Pro gamers typically use three monitors to expand their view of the open world in the game. In the case of streamers, one monitor is used to view the gameplay, another for viewing audience engagement in social media, and another for surfing the web. 

The G9’s curved monitor was designed so the gamer will not need to turn his head while playing. All he has to move are his eyes: The 1000R curved screen maximizes your field of view with the ideal curvature for the human eye. It allows deeper immersion and focus as you play. 

Odyssey G9 Features

Photo by SAMSUNG.

The G9 promises three things: comfort, speed, and image quality. 

Boasting 240Hz refresh rate, it significantly reduces image lag, which is crucial when you sprint across the battlefield on Valorant or play games with high-speed visuals such as GT or Hot Pursuit

Pro gamer Yves Morales was one of the first to get his hands on the G9. He tested the gaming monitor as he streamed his gameplay of Valorant on Facebook on November 20. 

“The gameplay was really out of this world with the Samsung Odyssey G9. The superb visuals plus the lightning-fast response time and lag-free quality brought out the best in me as a player,” said Morales.

The refresh rate would be pointless if the QLED suffers motion blur. You will not encounter such on the G9, which has a 1ms response time—which means your screen’s microscopic quantum dots (these provide color and pixels) can change color rapidly every millisecond. Other screens still utilize 5ms response time, a big difference if you’re dodging bullets in-game.

Apart from Samsung's flagship Odyssey G9, other variants of the Samsung Odyssey Monitors launched in November are the 27-inch and 32-inch Odyssey G7 models.

Samsung Odyssey G7 (32-Inch)

Photo by SAMSUNG.
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Photo by SAMSUNG.

Samsung Odyssey Gaming Monitor Prices

The 27” Samsung Odyssey G7 is priced at P33,699 (comes with Logitech Mouse), the 32” Odyssey G7 at P37,299 (with Logitech Gaming Keyboard), and the 49” Odyssey G9 at P74,799 (with Logitech Gaming Mouse, Keyboard, and Headset)

Samsung Odyssey Gaming Monitor Specs

Photo by Samsung.

The Samsung Odyssey Gaming Monitor pre-order promo runs until December 21, 2020, via the Samsung E-store.

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