NASA Is Sending My Name to Mars. Here's How You Can Send Yours


My name will go down in history. Or to put it more accurately, my name will go down on Mars.

NASA will send my name to the Jezero Crater on the Red Planet, and it will be riding aboard a future Mars rover, which is set to launch at Cape Canaveral Space Station in July 2026. Here is my commemorative boarding pass for the Mars Mission. 

Photo by NASA.

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Limited Reservations

My name will be among the human names that will be flown by spaceship to Mars in 2026. As of this writing, there are 941,000 names registered to be flown on the mission. The names will be stenciled by electron beam on tiny chips installed on a placard on a future rover they will send to Mars six years from now. 

Placard Containing Three Tiny Chips that Contain Names

Photo by NASA.

In March 2020, NASA stenciled almost 11 million names aboard the Perseverance Rover, which will launch at Cape Canaveral on July 30, 2020. Aside from the millions of names that will be carried aboard the Perseverance Rover, 150 essays are also included on the cargo. 

“Three fingernail-sized chips affixed to the upper-left corner of the placard feature the names of 10,932,295 people who participated. They were individually stenciled onto the chips by electron beam, along with the essays of the 155 finalists in NASA's ‘Name the Rover’ contest,” says NASA. 

Perseverance Rover with 11 Million Names

Photo by NASA.

To send your name to Mars, simply fill out this registration form on NASA’s website. 

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