5 Apps That Will Give Your Photos an Authentic Film Effect

Aside from Gudak.

With the resurgence of retro, a lot of things reminiscent of the yesteryears are also resurfacing. Apart from wearing tracksuits and playing vinyl records, you might also notice how social media's been bringing back analog photography. And since looking for a vintage camera, investing in a dark room, and buying mounds of photo paper and film rolls can be quite tedious (and not to mention, expensive), we turn to digital technology to help enable us to recreate the same grainy and raw feel to our photos. Below, we round up six smartphone emulator apps (apart from Gudak) that will give your snaps the same retro feel.

1| Filmborn (P149)
Filmborn is able to replicate the aesthetic feel of film cameras by slapping on filter presets designed to emulate film stocks from Kodak, Ilford, Fujifilm. Whether you choose to import photos or make use of its in-app camera, the process is quite straightforward: (1) choose the photo; (2) make additional exposure adjustments; and (3) crop as you like. There’s no need to export the photos as your adjustments are directly saved into your phone gallery right away.


2| RNI Film (Free)
RNI Film is like Filmborn and VSCO combined. Its VSCO elements resonate with RNI Film’s interface while its Filmborn side is akin with its film stock emulation. But what sets apart this app is that you have more control with its interface, being able to play with the grain feature for a more authentic-looking film photo rendered in a digital app.

3| Huji Cam (Free)
You can describe Huji cam as an enhanced version of Gudak. It almost has the same interface but instead of squinting your eyes at the tiny viewfinder, you can actually tap it to see what your phone is zooming in. Huji also develops each shot immediately, with the option of adding a date stamp. But, like Gudak, it also has random light leaks you can't control but beautifully enhance each of your photos.

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4| VHS Cam - Retro Camcorder FX (Free)
VHS makes your video look exactly like that. A VHS. You can now make your videos feel like it's been recorded in the '80s with its date stamp and glitchy rendering coupled with desaturated and slightly faded visuals.

5| Glitch Photo Analog Film FX (Free)
Glitch Photo tackles retro photography in a more trippy way. The app lets you play with your photos to be rendered in high contrast while having the option to distort them to look like 3D and replicate neon lights. 


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