Switch's Sweet Deal Will Give You Discount Worth Up to P48,000 on the New iPhone 11

You can hold off on selling your kidney, for now.

Unless you've been living under a rock, by now you've probably heard about all the cool new features of the iPhone 11 series and are ready to sell your organs to buy it. The series is set to officially launch in Manila on October 25, but in case you haven't quite saved up the money to get it, here's how you can get a discount (no excisions required): Apple reseller Switch is letting you score huge discounts on the new iPhone 11 series with their Spot Trade-In Program.

Photo by APPLE.

You can trade in your old iPhone to get discounts on Apple's latest models. The discount will depend on the model of the phone you're trading in, but just to give you an idea, you can get P25,495 off your purchase if you hand in an iPhone XR (64 GB) or even as much as P48,745 off when you trade in an iPhone XS Max (512 GB) in pristine condition. Take note that network-locked iPhones may still be traded in but are not guaranteed the same discounts mentioned above.

Here's a list of the trade-in values for the following models:

  • iPhone XR (64 GB) - P25,495
  • iPhone XR (128 GB) - P26,995
  • iPhone XR (256 GB) - P30,245
  • iPhone XS (64 GB) - P33,995
  • iPhone XS (256 GB) - P38,745
  • iPhone XS (512 GB) - P45,245
  • iPhone XS Max (64 GB) - P37,495
  • iPhone XS Max (256 GB) - P42,245
  • iPhone XS Max (512 GB) - P48,745

Don't worry if your phone isn't on the list because you can still trade in other phones (yup, even phones from non-Apple brands) for smaller discounts. Switch has in-house experts that can help estimate the value of your old gadgets. And yes, you can even trade in more than one phone to get bigger discounts. To see a list of the smartphone brands and models you can trade in, check out Switch's website.


Switch will be having a pre-launch event on Thursday, October 24, 10 p.m., at their Alabang Town Center branch. Apart from the Spot Trade-In, they will also launch the Apple Freedom Plus program which will guarantee you 50 percent buy-back on your next phone upgrade, regardless of your phone condition. Plus Switch will be giving away cool freebies for every purchase. That's a pretty sweet deal, if you ask us. 

See a list of Switch branches.

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For more information, log on to Switch's Facebook page.

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