The PlayStation 5 Could Pack A Huge Surprise, According To An Industry Expert

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Sony is gearing up to announce their new next-gen console in the new year. Or is that new consoles? It’s impossible to know, as the tech giants have stayed largely schtum on the subject.

Rumours persist they we could see the PlayStation 5 as early as next year, despite the fact that it was supposed to be pencilled in for 2021. But what will it feature, beside a supped up processor and improved graphics?

Well according to industry analyst Michael Pachter there could be something for everyone, in the form of two consoles at different costs.

Speaking to Gaming Bolt, Patcher said that Sony and Microsoft will provide a budget option for those who don’t feel the need to spend big on yet another home entertainment system.

“I think there will be a streaming device, like a $100 Xbox console that doesn’t run in 4K or 240 frames per second. And then I think there will be a more expensive $400 console that supports 4K, 240 FPS, virtual reality. I don’t know if there will be ‘models’. I don’t think you’re going to get completely different devices,” Patcher said.

“Whether Sony does it, I think they will probably have that 4K and 240 FPS device that’ll support PSVR.”

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