This Fitness Tracker Will Tell You to Stand Up When You've Been Sitting Too Long

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I am a firm believer that everyone wants to be healthy. Yes. Even when we give in to that extra serving on crispy pata or an extra scoop of ice cream, I believe everyone tries to look for the better version of themselves, healthwise. For me, a quantified-self is one way to know how healthy I am and it starts with technology. 

The Fitbit Alta HR, I found, can help me towards that path.

Let's break down the science: When you exercise, you put your heart to work. And when it's working hard, your heart becomes a healthier and hardier. Every time you do at least 30 minutes of continuous workout, your heart gets better. You don’t even have to do 5K marathons to get the benefits. Just walking briskly for 30 minutes (yes, brisk window shopping counts) will do wonders for your body. You just have to make sure that your heart beat gets high enough for you to reap the benefits.

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The Fitbit Alta HR lets you know if your heart is in the right zone. Its built-in heart rate monitor will let you know if you're in the Fatburn Zone, the Cardio Zone, or the Peak Zone. Fat Burn entails a low intensity workout, a place for those just getting started on their fitness journey. It's 50 to 69% of your max heart rate. The Cardio Zone is when you're doing medium to high-intensity exercises, putting your heart at 70 to 84% of your max rate. Peak happens with high-intensity exercise, which can improve performance and speed. Your heart is at 85% or higher.


The first one is ideal, but being in the second zone for half an hour will do wonders for your body.

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With the Fitbit Alta HR, you can closely monitor what zone you are in based on its heart rate reading. Upon testing, the Alta HR is consistent with the Apple Watch Series 2, the Fitbit Charge 2, even gym equipment heart rate sensors. I even compared the Fitbit Alta HR to an Omron BP monitor and the two are fairly consistent with one another.

The heart rate sensor also offers a better, more precise measurement of your calories burned, so you will be able to track your weight loss (or weight gain, if that is your goal) more properly.

It also monitors your daily steps, calories burned during, as well as distance travelled. It is also one of the best when it comes to measuring the quality of your sleep, whether you are it's light, deep, or you're completely in REM (congratulations). The Fitbit Alta also tells you when you are awake when you are asleep! This is when you think you are asleep the whole night, but there are actually periods when you are fully awake. You're just not conscious of it. 

It'll push you, too. It will tell you to stand when you've been sitting too long, like a nudge from our couches. And, with its interchangeable band, it's not pretty much wrist candy.

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