This New LinkedIn Tool Tells You What You Should Be Getting Paid

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LinkedIn is a bad place to be. It’s just CEOs writing inspirational slam poetry and dead-eyed recruitment consultants celebrating their 168th work anniversaries. 

But sometimes you need to return, totally honest and truthful CV in hand, and look for a job, and when that fretful time comes around, you’ll waste days applying for positions without any actual idea of what they plan on playing you.

That’s why LinkedIn has launched a tool that finally reveals the kind of salary you’ll be receiving on any given job.


The feature functions by collating a load of wages supplied to the social network by its users, and providing a reasonable range of remuneration against open positions. It automatically applies itself to job postings, so there's no need to turn it on. 

It comes at a time when people are campaigning for companies to be more transparent with their wage structures, to better the gender pay-gap, make better use of job-hunters’ time and improve employee morale. 

"It turns out that pay transparency–sharing salaries openly across a company–makes for a better workplace for both the employee and for the organization,” David Burkus, author of Under New Management: How Leading Organizations Are Upending Business as Usual, said in his TED Talk earlier this year.

“When people don’t know how their pay compares to their peers’, they’re more likely to feel underpaid and maybe even discriminated against. Do you want to work at a place that tolerates the idea that you feel underpaid or discriminated against?”

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