TikTok's New 'Series' Feature Offers New Way for Creators to Monetize

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TikTok may have revolutionized social media, with every other network literally trying to copy its magic. But that doesn't mean it isn't taking notes on how it can improve the platform and retain its creators. With platforms like Twitter and Meta adding subscription services to empower its users, TikTok now looks to follow suit with the launch of "Series."

It's part of the platform's long-term strategy for growth, betting on their long-form content to take them to new heights. According to reports, "Series" is positioned as another way to keep their creators on the app. The new feature allows users with large followings to create a paywall.


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A collection can comprise as many as 80 videos and will only be available to subscribers, who would ideally pay anywhere between 1 and 190 dollars. The rates depend on the creators' preferences. Meanwhile, fans can buy these links either on the creator's profile or direct links. The same rules apply, of course. Each video should adhere to the app's policies and rules. It is still unclear whether or not creators will be sharing the earnings with the platform itself.

Details of the launch are still vague, but sources say that TikTok is already starting to take on applications, with some creators utilizing it right now. More users can apply and should follow in the coming months.

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