Too Good To Be No. 2? PayMaya Shows Off Its Surprising Leading-Edge Features to Convince You Why They Should Be Your No. 1 E-Wallet

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Too Good To Be No. 2? PayMaya Shows Off Its Surprising Leading-Edge Features to Convince You Why They Should Be Your No. 1 E-Wallet

A lot can be said about how professional and put together a person is based on the appearance of their wallet–not just because of the amount of money it contains (albeit a bulging or exceedingly empty one is fair game for judgment) but its design, quality of material, and more.

There are a lot of choices out there and one does not simply reach for the closest available billfold or card case.

Naturally, one must also be discerning when it comes to their choice of e-wallet–keeping in mind its convenience, reliability, and functionality. That’s where PayMaya comes in.

While PayMaya may not be the no. 1 e-wallet right now–as they cheekily mentioned in their latest campaign, it certainly boasts leading-edge features that might pleasantly surprise you.

Widest Network of Free Cash-In Touchpoints
PayMaya believes leaving the world of coins and bills behind should not only be easy but also light on fees. You shouldn’t spend up to P200 for simply wanting to put your own money in your e-wallet.

This is why PayMaya made cashing in free at over 90,000 touchpoints nationwide. Whether you’re cashing in using your bank account, at your go-to convenience store and supermarket, or even at your community’s sari-sari store, you can easily skip the fees or enjoy instant cashbacks on the service charges involved.

Here’s just some of PayMaya’s free cash in channels: BPI Online banking (via linked account), Unionbank Online banking (via linked account), Instapay (via cashback), MiniStop, Alfamart, Family Mart, Smart Padala, TrueMoney, SM Supermarket, SM Hypermarket, Robinsons Supermarket, Shopwise, Robinsons Easymart, The Marketplace, No Brand, Southstar Drug, Landers, Super8, Ever, ZoomPay, TouchPay, E-Tap, and Pay&Go. To check out the full list, simply tap the cash in button on your PayMaya app and choose from the icons with the ‘no fees’ sticker.

1,500 Billers and Load Items
Avoiding long queues when paying bills is definitely one of the top reasons to go cashless. With over 1,500 billers and load items available on the app, PayMaya might as well be the only e-wallet you'll ever need to use.

The no. 2 e-wallet offers easy access to everything you need to pay–from utility bills, condo association dues, credit card payments, down to government dues. It also gives you access to hundreds of digital goods–from prepaid load, gaming pins, digital subscription packages, and even digital vouchers for yourself or as gifts to your loved ones.

With PayMaya, you don’t have to leave your home–you don’t even have to leave your appto complete your essential payments and purchases.

Safer online transactions
One of the main pain points for online shopping is the presence of scammers. If you’re not careful, you can fall prey to online shopping scams, and pay for items you may never receive. PayMaya solves this key pain point by giving you easy access to hundreds of guaranteed legit brands straight from your app, with Maya Mall.

What’s even better is you can also make sure that you’re buying from only legit casual sellers with the introduction of PayMaya Verified Sellers. Now, you can easily check if the seller you're paying is legit - all you have to do is check for the Verified Seller badge on the app's confirmation screen right before you pay. You can also see the list of PayMaya Verified Sellers on the Maya Mall.

99.9% Uptime
Being greeted with unexpected downtime by your e-wallet gives the same sinking feeling as realizing you left its physical counterpart at home. When it comes to e-wallets, you should use the option that promises consistency and reliability. PayMaya prides itself on having 99.9% uptime–it’s safe to say that you’ll never be caught empty-handed again.

Real-time transaction history
In the PayMaya app, your transaction history updates as fast as you can tap "Buy Now" while shopping online. Being real-time acts as extra security too–you can easily monitor whether or not those major transactions are pushing through as they should. It also allows you to track your expenses instantly–allowing you to check whether or not you’ve overspent on your last shopping spree real-time.

Easily Accessible
All you need is your phone and mobile number to sign up with PayMaya. Once you’re ready to upgrade your account to unlock more features like sending money to other users and withdrawing your funds from an ATM, all you need is a primary ID such as your license, passport, or other official government cards, and a quick video selfie.

You can even use the code ESQLOVESPAYMAYA upon registration to get an extra P100 when you upgrade.

Too good to be No. 2. That’s what the PayMaya team believes, but you don’t have to take their word for it. Head over to your app store of choice (iOS|Android) to download the app and experience all their surprising leading-edge features yourself.

This article was created by Summit StoryLabs in partnership with PayMaya.
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