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Twogie is an exclusive job search platform that connects executives and senior managers with top companies.

Once you reach a certain point in your career, it can be pretty tough to switch jobs. After all, job sites mostly list entry-level positions. If you’re a manager or executive, your best bet is to do things the old-fashioned way by networking and asking around. But the last thing you want is for your bosses or colleagues to find out that you’re planning to leave before you actually get an offer.

It’s just as hard for HR departments to fill leadership positions. More often than not, they also have to resort to networking, which takes time, or hire an executive search firm, which is costly. After all that, you could hire a senior manager or executive who’s great on paper but if they don’t share the same values as the company, things can go downhill fast.

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As the first job search platform that is exclusive to executives and senior managers, Twogie provides solutions to these problems. The website curates postings to show members the openings most relevant to their search, whether it’s for a full-time job, consultancy engagement, or directorship role.

The people behind Twogie understand how important confidentiality and discretion are to executives looking to switch companies. That’s why they only display “blind profiles” that show your job experience and competencies, but exclude any information that can personally identify you. If an employer views your profile and likes what they see, they will only be able to view your full profile with your consent. This prevents any awkward run-ins with your current boss.

If you’re an employer looking to fill up a leadership role, the platform screens its applicants through a three-step vetting process to show you the cream of the crop as quickly as possible.


First, Twogie consultants interview prospective members to make sure they possess the right experience, skills, and values. After that they have the members go through a competency assessment to find out where their strengths lie. “Then finally they get a personality assessment to determine their cultural fit. At a certain level, it’s not just the skills and competencies that are important, it should be a match between the values of the person and the culture of the organization,” explains Twogie president Victoria Lee.


According to Patricia Banaag, general manager of Twogie, employers can save up to 75 percent of what they usually pay job search firms. Instead of being charged 15 to 25 percent of the total annual compensation of the candidate, employers just need to pay a subscription fee to post openings and view blind profiles, and buy credits to view full profiles. The credits will only be charged if the applicant consents to making their full profile visible.

And if employers sign up before December 31, 2017, they get free access to Twogie’s database, six free credits to view full profiles, a discounted rate for additional credits, and unlimited job postings. If you sign up as a job applicant, you can get free lifetime membership.

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