There's Been An 81% Rise in Search Interest For VPN


We have no doubt your screen time has immensely spiked since the start of the quarantine. (Yep, it's not just you.) In fact, almost everyone seems to be online these days. There's even data to back it up, and it's revealed a bit more about everyone else.

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According to data gathered and analyzed by Atlas VPN, more and more people have been wondering what a VPN exactly is. No, seriously. The number of Google searches for "What is VPN" has increased by 81 percent globally.

Altas VPN says interest has been growing over the first three weeks of March. VPN, of course, stands for virtual private network—a service that hides your identity, thereby protecting you online. It does so by encrypting your traffic and hiding your IP address.

The report says interest grew slowly at first. "The number of searches only increased by nine percent, comparing the first weeks of March to one another. However, by March 21, the number of 'What is VPN' searches suddenly skyrocketed. It increased by 81 percent compared to the first week of March," it added.

Atlas VPN also connected the phenomenon to the COVID-19 quarantine: "People staying home and working remotely explain the sudden interest in VPN services. To allow employees to access office files remotely, companies have to open internal resources. Hackers can steal this sensitive information."

Whether anyone's actually using a VPN though is still a mystery.

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