Here's How to Properly Dispose of Electronic Waste

Think before you throw them out.

If you didn't know it yet, getting rid of your old phones–or any sort of electronics for that matter–isn't as simple as chucking it away into the nearest trashcan. Mindlessly doing so could cause dire health and environmental consequences. Yes, even that small, measly, out of juice double-A battery counts.

According to a study by the UN, an estimated 50 million tonnes of e-waste are generated per year around the world. Consequently, only 20% of these are recycled properly, resulting into grave, toxic risks. "Workers are exposed to carcinogenic and hazardous substances, such as cadmium, lead, and mercury, and to soil and groundwater, which are contaminated by e-waste in landfills, placing food and water systems at risk," the report states.


It may not be a concern now when you're simply looking for a quick way to dispose of your busted phone, but the effects of irresponsibly throwing our electronic trash wherever may soon catch up to us in the long run. A Global Health study back in 2013 found that exposure to e-waste toxins include "change in thyroid function, changes in cellular expression and function, adverse neonatal outcomes, changes in temperament and behavior, and decreased lung function."


So, how exactly can we properly get rid of our e-waste? Read up on a few options below.

Project 1 Phone


Throwing out an old phone? Take time out of your schedule to visit Globe where you can drop off as many old devices as you want. With its Project 1 Phone campaign, the telecommunications company is encouraging the recovery and recycling of mobile phones and other portable devices. However, while batteries and chargers may also be included, you may need to find someplace else to dispose  your desktops, computers, and laptops, as only small devices are accepted here.

Globe's Project 1 Phone bins may be found at the Globe Tower in Bonifacio Global City, and other select branches in major cities.

E-Waste Management Philippines

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If you're too busy to personally deliver your trash to the designated e-bins around the metro, this group goes directly to your doorstep. Established in 1995, E-Waste Management Philippines is a door-to-door operation that collects your used gadgets, dead or alive, for proper disposal.

You can arrange pickup for your collected e-waste by filling up a form on their website or contacting them at 0947 990 9446. On occasion, they also announce dates for free pickups at certain areas on their Facebook page, so you can keep an eye on that, too!

Envirocycle Philippines Inc.

DENR certified Envirocycle is an e-waste recycling company that can handle just about any type of electronic disposal from phones to computers, to lead acid-batteries–you name it, they've got you covered! They usually handle mass waste disposal for companies and smaller organizations. "We support our client’s legal and environmental integrity by providing a process that assists your company in disposing your unwanted equipment in a cost-effective, legal, and environment-friendly manner that is flexible to your specific needs supported by professional liability insurance," their official website states.

For more inquiries, you may contact them at (632) 584-4478 / (632) 584-4516.

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