Yahoo Answers Is Shutting Down Forever


RIP to this corner of the internet circa 2010.

Yahoo Answers has announced that it will be shutting down on May 4, 2021. In just a few days on April 20, the Q&A platform will stop accepting new submissions altogether. After May 4, the Yahoo Answers website will redirect visitors to the Yahoo homepage. According to Yahoo, users will have only a few weeks to request their data, like old questions and answers, before all data will be inaccessible and cease to exist on June 30.

Photo by Yahoo Answers.

If you still have a Yahoo account in this century, it won’t be affected by the Yahoo Answers shutdown, but you’ll lose all history on the site unless you download your data before June 30.

According to Yahoo, the move is a business decision to “shift resources” toward “products that better serve our members.” Yahoo Answers has lessened in popularity since it began in 2005 while other platforms like Quora and even AI like Siri have increased. Aside from its competitors, another hitch in Yahoo Answers’ stride was its reputation for harboring misinformation.


Unlike Quora, which curates answers from credible sources such as actual historians and professionals, Yahoo Answers was more suited to questions seeking anonymous opinions rather than facts. It essentially acted like Facebook’s comments section under the guise of a Q&A platform. The quality of the site’s answers has been under criticism for years. It has famously allowed the most dubious questions to remain on the site such as: “how is babby formed” and “how girl get pregnant.”

Maybe its time has come.

Yahoo was acquired by Verizon in 2017, and since then, it has been struggling to stay afloat despite the acquisition. Yahoo Messenger was shut down in 2018 and Yahoo Groups disappeared in 2019. It only made sense for Yahoo Answers to follow suit.

So there you go. The era of Yahoo Answers is officially over.

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