These Handcarved Wooden Scooters From Ifugao Are Totally Bad Ass

How do you feel about speeding down a steep hill on a wooden scooter with no brakes?
IMAGE Great Big Story

Trust the Ifugaos to turn an everyday object like a scooter into a work of art—after all, they’re well-known for their exceptional woodcarving skills. With intricate carvings of ferocious beasts, these bikes definitely show off their craftsmanship.

But these bikes aren’t purely ornamental—they can withstand speeds of up to 30 kph, as proven every April at the Imbayah Festival. The wooden scooter races are quite a spectacle to behold, with artisans speeding downhill in traditional Ifugao costume. Since the bikes have no brakes, each race is a test of the craftsmens’ skills and the scooters’ quality. “When the scooter is not well-made, you can crash or injure yourself,” three-time champion Robert Duyugan explains in this documentary by Great Big Story.

To see the race for yourself, check out the documentary below.

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