Words of Wisdom You Will Hear From a Pinoy Dad

“When I was your age…"
Words of Wisdom You Will Hear From a Pinoy Dad

History books (and probably, even greeting cards) are right. It really does take a special kind of man to be a good dad. Fatherhood turns even the toughest men into providers, punching bags, kings, servants, mortal enemies, and reliable confidantes all rolled into one. But, no matter how fun that sounds, being a dad isn't just all fun and games. Crises abound in Parentland.

Parents' long-standing snafu with generation gap is always there, so we have to give it to them whenever they make an effort to learn more about us. It's during quality times like this that our dads are able to give us nuggets of wisdom; and sometimes strings of useless information, that we can use growing up. We just have to filter which ones are worth taking to heart. Here's a list of sage pieces of advice that we can pass on to the next generation.

Mom is always right.
In all arguments. Even if it's not supposed to be an argument. Love your mom always. She's annoying at times, but she loves us more than anything in this world.

If your girlfriend is like your mom, marry her.
You wouldn't want to be with anybody else.  If she’s like your ma, then you’ve found a great catch. Take it from your dad.

Temptation is everywhere but don't give in.
It takes self-control and strong will to not give in. When you keep yourself away from temptation, you’re saving yourself from any mess.

Don't do things just for the money.
If you're taking on a job, make sure your heart is in it or else you'll be miserable.

Befriend the people in your building.
Be courteous to the guards, cashiers, janitors, and drivers. Learn their names and smile when you see them. Be nice to everyone you meet.

Dress well.
A man should present himself in a way that he will get the respect of others. Dads want their sons to look respectable and proper whatever the occassion is.

Wake up earlier.
In daddy time, 9 a.m. is "tanghali na". Even if you’re not a morning person, try to get up early to accomplish more things.

Check your car before you drive.
You don’t have to study automotive; just learn the basics of car maintenance to avoid any hassle on the road.

Trust the process.
Be patient. Even if you think things are not going as planned, don’t give up. Dads also went through hell just to achieve the things they have today.

Toast and cherish progress.
Don’t forget to relax and toast with some good whisky. All the bad things you experienced and all the great things that happened to you, just keep moving forward. Give yourself a pat on the back and toast with glass of Johnnie Walker – just like most dads do.

This Father’s Day, give the credit where the credit is due – your old man. You don’t have to buy the fanciest watches or expensive golf set; a bottle of Johnnie Walker is more than enough. Take the opportunity to spend time with your pa and let him feel that all his sacrifices are well-appreciated.

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This article was created by Summit StoryLabs in partnership with Johnnie Walker.

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