The World's 10 Richest Young Celebrities Will Give You Existential Dread

Prepare to feel old and poor.

Feel like you've got your life together? Well prepare to feel very far behind compared to some of the footballers, musicians and general Instagram celebs who promote hair vitamins on their 'platforms'.

But "does money buy you happiness?" we hear you yearn whilst choking back the bitter taste of your free office coffee. Well, this much of it probably does, yeah.

Forbes's 100 highest paid celebrities list has found that the youngest and highest paid celebrity was Kylie Jenner at 19. The young'un earned $41 million in the last year. Ouch

Close behind her was musician Justin Bieber and golfer Justin Rose, both aged 23 and who earned $83.5 million and $34.5 million, respectively in the last year.

Also high on the list was 25 year old Barcelona footballer Neymar who pocketed $37 million and everyone's favourite ginger minstrel Ed Sheeran who earned $37 million crooning about bedding Taylor's friends.

Here are the top 10 youngest and richest celebrities:

1. Kylie Jenner – $41 million, age 19


2. Justin Bieber – $83.5 million, age 23

3. Jordan Spieth – $34.5 million, age 23

4. Chance the Rapper – $33 million, age 24

5. Neymar - $37 million, age 25

6. Damian Lillard - $38.4 million, age 26

7. Ed Sheeran - $37 million, age 26

8. Fletcher Cox - $33.4 million, age 26

9. The Weeknd - $92 million, age 27

10. Andrew Luck - $50 million, age 27

Bet you're regretting giving up 5-a-side or piano lessons now, eh?

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