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It is the defiant victory of the last decade of Steven Spielberg’s career that he is making movies-and making them better than ever-for an audience that may no longer have any idea of how to watch them.
Adapted from the 2009 book of the same name, the crime drama took a while to reach our shores
He's the latest director to throw jabs at the MCU.
The Menu, Triangle of Sadness, and Bodies, Bodies, Bodies, while clever roasts of the wealthy, ultimately end up pandering to their audience.
A P1 million Voltes V toy, rare Air Jordans, and more.
Cannibal romance? With Timothée Chalamet? All in a day's work for screenwriter David Kajganich.
Her expressions always portrayed the great tenderness in life.
Looking back, Casino Royale might owe a debt to the critically panned film
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