Absolut Amplifies Diverse Voices Through This Special Wave Bottle

The limited-edition bottle also brings out the power of a diverse set of individuals positively impacting the world.
IMAGE Mario Alvaro Limos

To celebrate the wavemaking and world-shaping power of an individual’s voice, Absolut Vodka is launching its new limited-edition bottle design, Absolut Voices—and with it, a set of diverse Filipino personalities making themselves heard.

The new limited-edition bottle is made from 80 percent recycled glass, sporting a dark blue color and engraved with bold and beautiful soundwave designs, evoking the vibrations of a person’s voice and suggesting energetic feelings of connection and togetherness. Each bottle also includes a mouth medallion that comes in four dazzling metallic colors, signifying the uniqueness of each person’s voice.

Photo by Mario Alvaro Limos.

Along with the premium limited-edition bottle, Absolut also aims to shake up conventions with the power of conversation by partnering with six outspoken Filipinos, known as the Wavemakers. Each of these Wavemakers have something powerful to say about the world, which Absolut amplifies through its campaign.


The six Wavemakers represent three core messages that Absolut has heard and wants to amplify—Celebrate, Love, and Equality, values that their generation also positively stands for.

Digital content creators and friends Cha Ocampo and Katt Valdez together represent Celebrate, which aims to inspire everyone to celebrate their friends and peers in their many victories.

“What I love about my friendship with Kat is that there isn’t a feeling of competition, we both grow into becoming the best version of ourselves because there’s encouragement from both ends, and this kind of friendship or relationship–when applied to others–would help each of us grow into becoming better individuals,” said Ocampo.

“I’ve always been this type of person who loves to celebrate the little and big wins of my friends. I make sure that they feel solaced whenever something works out for them. Being in the same industry, we show our support by helping and encouraging each other to do our best,” said Valdez.

Meanwhile, fashion and lifestyle blogger Kas Perez and digital creator Joseph Tabor represent Love, which seeks to push for the acceptance of love—to anyone and everyone.

Photo by Mario Alvaro Limos.
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“Nobody is an island. We can choose to handle whatever battle we have in life alone, but regardless of that, there are people who would always be willing to stay by our side. We just have to let them in,” said Perez.

“I want the world to know that celebrating life is better with the people that love you. Especially in these trying times, reconnecting with your family and friends is a thing to be grateful and celebrate for!” said Tabor.

And lastly, drag artists Marina Summers and Prince Marell wave the banner of LGBTQ+ equality as up-and-coming figures of their scene.

“It is really important, especially for queer people to take up space in the society or in every field that they choose to be in. A lot of LGBTQ+ members are still struggling in finding their voice and claim their rightful place because of how society dictates it for us. Finding your inner power to show the world how one should be respected, treated, viewed, and received will lead the way to celebrating love and equality,” said Summers.

“As a queer person, it’s always a challenge for someone like me to feel belong in certain places and situations. I’m sure a lot of people would relate to how I feel. Campaigns that include representation and awareness are what we need to show that everyone in this world is created equal, and life is worth celebrating if we continue to grow with love and acceptance,” said Marell.


The Wavemakers’ shared convictions and advocacies truly make for messages that are worth spreading through the Absolut Voices campaign.

“Our six Wavemakers represent this generations’ beliefs and perspectives, which we at Absolut honor and are happy to bring to light. Absolut has always celebrated the diversity of opinions and points of view, and we are continually inspired by the idea that the world becomes a better place when we come together despite differences, share good times with each other, and empower one another. That spirit is what Absolut Voices is all about,” said Frances Favila, Absolut Vodka brand manager.

The Absolut Voices limited-edition bottle is exclusively available at all S&R branches for only P779 while stocks last.

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Photo by Mario Alvaro Limos.

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