A Color-Coded Guide to Knowing Beer Varieties

The color says a lot about what's in your pint.
ILLUSTRATOR Jasrelle Serrano

Made with four basic ingredients—barley, water, hops, and yeast—beer is essentially the process of extracting sugar from the grains, and allowing yeast to turn the mixture into alcohol.

First, running it through a mill to crack open the crops crushes grains or different malts together, which is then mixed with heated water. After some time, this simmered mixture is separated from the grain husks, and the liquid is then brought to a boil, where the hops are added. Hops are a type of flower, also called a seed cone, which gives beer its distinct aroma.

After boiling, the sediments left by the grains and the hops are drained out, and the remaining liquid is left to be fermented. Fermentation usually takes around two weeks, and begins by adding yeast, which converts the remaining sugar in the mixture into alcohol. And then ta-da! You’ve got beer.

Many breweries play with locally sourced ingredients, like mountain rice or Sagada oranges, to create unique Filipino brews. Our own craft beer industry is so robust and rich with native flavors that it can truly be called our own. And there’s no better place to have a cold pint than in a tropical paradise.


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