Chandon Is the Modern Sparkling Wine for Millennials

Chandon is suited for the celebratory temperament of Filipinos. 

Don’t tell those scary Gen Z TikTokers but Chandon is the sparkling wine for the people they call Boomers, the Millennials. *Face With Tears Emoji* Oops. *Skull Emoji* 

If the name rings a bell, it’s because Chandon is part of luxury champagne house Moët & Chandon, which is also the “M” in luxury conglomerate LVMH, which, in turn, houses other prestigious wines and spirits such as Veuve Clicquot, Krug, and Glenmorangie. 

Chandon sparkling wine is a reflection of the inclusive reality.

But unlike its mother brand Moët and the glittering names in LVMH’s roster, Chandon has a decidedly down-to-earth vibe. It’s a reflection of what’s happening right now in a world that sees people being more open to different faces, ideas, and places. You see it on your screens, which now present people of color and genders as, not only background characters, but also leads. You also see it in your virtual office with Marty from Manila, Jenna from Singapore, and Chen from Beijing, all collaborating together on a project. 

That’s exactly how Chandon gets things done. Its bottles are the fruit of 16 winemakers of seven different nationalities. And while it was founded in Argentina by maverick Robert-Jean de Vogüé in 1959, its vineyards are now spread across four continents or seven countries, including, apart from Argentina, California, Brazil, Australia, China, and India. This makes the label “the only domain on which the sun never sets,” as well as the largest sparkling wine vineyard in the world. 


This tapestry made rich by different people and territories leads only to an “ever-curious outlook,” with Chandon breaking the sacred rules of the bubbly (champagne is only from the Champagne region in France!) and applying traditional know-how to new methods and new terroirs. 

Chandon sparkling wine suits the friendly temperament of Filipinos. 

Its open mood also suits the temperament of Filipinos. You could say that it’s a strange time to launch a label in the middle of a lockdown, but the Philippines is never one to turn away from the idea of togetherness (of course, with proper pandemic protocols in place). 

Photo by Chandon.

“Filipinos, in general, are about community, being together, their tribe—the millennials more than [anyone] else,” says Patrick Madendjian, managing director for Southeast Asia emerging markets of Moët Hennessey, in Chandon’s virtual event. “And this is what we want to celebrate.”

Chandon points out how you don’t really need a milestone to celebrate. You don’t need a golden anniversary, a birthday that ends with a zero, or a rare promotion as a reason to be happy. It can be the little wins like, say, surviving a presentation or finding the last sliver of cake in your fridge. “Just pop a bottle and make every day memorable with friends,” he adds. Cake pairs well with wine, too.

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Chandon sparkling wine can be enjoyed in a variety of ways—even with ice. 

Here’s one more thing that makes Chandon a thoroughly modern drink fit for adventurous Millennials: It doesn’t scoff at the idea of adding ice to its wines. Purists (Boomers?) will cluck their tongues at the practice, preferring that you suffer a lukewarm glass, but Chandon knows that, in tropical countries like the Philippines, a couple of cubes won’t hurt the bubbles. In fact, one of its signature sparkling wines works best with ice. 

Developed over five years, Chandon Délice combines Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, and late-harvested Semillon and Petit Manseng into a semi-sweet spirit. And to create its perfect serve, the company offers the following instructions: 

  1. Chill your Délice bottle for 30 minutes in an ice bucket.
  2. Place two or three cubes in a tumbler.
  3. Pour the chilled Délice in the tumbler.
  4. Add a garnish of your choice—basil, mint, ginger
  5. Drink.

This is excellent with fried fish, skewers, or tapas. Or, you can have it how we like it: by itself. An icy sip in the deadest hour of the afternoon is like ambrosia for the soul. Whether it’s the Délice or Chandon’s two other modern sparkling wines, Brut (a well-balanced fizz) or Rosé (fresh and creamy), a dose of bubbly will numb the worries of deadlines and remind you that, hey, you can be happy today.

Chandon is available at boozy.ph, boozeshop.ph, clink.ph, and leading restaurants.


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