Did You Know That CBTL Serves Wine?

The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf has been keeping secrets from us.
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If you love matcha, then you're probably aware that the Coffee Bean Tea Leaf has a special premium green tea drink off the menu. The coffee chain has been serving matcha macchiato (both iced and hot) and matcha affogato secretly for months now and only the most searching matcha lover has probably sniffed them out.

But the green tea is only part of CBTL's covert menu. Did you, for instance, know that they offer wine? Yes. The Los Angeles-originated franchis has been pouring chiantis, cabernet sauvignons, and malbecs. Christina Viray, marketing offer for CBTL, says that 26th Street Bistro, their concept restaurant, has always been different in the sense that they offer full service [as opposed to CBTL which is just snacks and non-alcoholic drinks] and a few wines. But it wasnt really pushed before because we felt that it still wasnt the time for it. But now were ready to do full on wine and beers and we felt that its nice to have dishes paired with them.

The 26th Street Bistro, which has been around since 2011 and only has two locations, is more than just a cafe that allows you to have a quick caffeine fix.We have servers to bring you to the table and a full operating kitchen compared to the others stores, so its a full dining experience were offering,says Viray.

They have an herb-crusted salmon with lemon risotto, pastas and salads, and heck, even steak. It is a place that welcomes you to stay and lounge longer. Thats actually the reason they made beer and wine available because who wouldn't want to have a decent lunch meal paired with a bottle of chilled chardonnay? It's ideal after a long, hard meeting. Their extended food and beverage menu makes 26th Street Bistro a place you can hang out in practically anytime of daycoffee for breakfast, wine and beer for after work hours. Its become the mellow alternative to a darkly lit and rowdy bar.


A stunning carbonara-like dish with prosciutto, a poached egg, and cream. IMAGE: Angelo Comsti

For the healthier eaters, a nice salmon with forbidden rice and broccoli. IMAGE: Angelo Comsti

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Classic steak, cooked to a nice medium rare. IMAGE: Angelo Comsti


One of the core strengths of CBTL is innovation so we constantly want to switch it up and offer something different so our customers will always have something to look forward to,she adds. In line with this, the companys corporate chef has devised a seasonal menu to match the wines of the restaurant. Theres burrito with fresh tomatoes, basil and grilled sourdough; a hefty burger steak topped with a sunny side up egg, caramelized onions and rum gravy; and grilled salmon fillet slathered with teriyaki sauce. The prosciutto pasta with cream is akin to a delicious carbonara, while for hungry appetites; theres steak and potatoes with marsala sauce.

So now that you're in on this little secret, you can sit there drinking a chianti when everyone else stares at you with their cup of coffee. 

Another obscure offering is wine. Yes, this cafe brand has been pouring chiantis, cabernet sauvignos and malbecs, while everyones else has been enjoying their coffee and ice blended drinks. Christina Viray, marketing officer at Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Philippines, says 

CBTL's wine pairings are available only at the 26th Bistro branches in Shangri-La Plaza East Wing 

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