Study Shows Drinking Beer Decreases Risk of Heart Disease

Here's how much in a day is just right.

Where would the world be without beer? It's hard to imagine but, apparently, a lot of us would be more at risk for heart disease without it. According to a study, drinking beer cuts out that risk and maintains good cholesterol.

We know, is this even new information? A previous study already found that "light-to-moderate alcohol consumption has been reported to be cardio-protective among apparently healthy individuals." But, the new study pursues that and investigates whether alcohol has real benefits to those actually diagnosed with heart disease.

What they found was that drinking over seven alcoholic drinks per week lowers the risk of a heart attack, stroke, angina, and death with those who already drink. Read that again. If you have cardiovascular disease and are thinking of drinking daily to get the benefits of beer, unfortunately, it isn't advised.

"[O]ur study shows that an alcohol intake up to about 105g (or equivalent to 13 U.K. units, with one unit equal to half a pint of beer/lager/cider, half a glass of wine, or one measure of spirits) a week is associated with lower risks of both mortality and subsequent cardiovascular events among CVD patients," researchers said.

There you have it. But, of course, we have to rain on your parade and remind you to consult your doctor before completely adding something to your diet.

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