You Can Blend Your Own Whisky With This Online Masterclass

Everybody needs a drink.

There are few opportunities when you’re allowed to get intoxicated while at work. This time around, it was because we were attending another whisky blending masterclass where we tasted, tested, and drank eight types of whiskies, one of which was our very own creation 

At the recent Blend Whisky Masterclass, Chivas Regal introduced the Chivas XV, the latest addition to its range. Aged for 15 years and matured in grand champagne cognac casks, the blended scotch unleashes a uniquely refined fruity and velvety taste. 

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To participate in the whisky blending masterclass, we were given a whisky blending kit, which is really like a little chemistry set complete with a beaker, a dropper, whisky glasses, and five different bottles of single malt and blended grain whiskies, which you combine in different amounts. These bottles contained whisky with floral, fruity, citrus, creamy, and smoky expressions.

The Whisky Blending Kit

Photo by Mario Alvaro Limos.

We learned that the floral expression is the base or the canvas on which you want to paint using other flavors. You can create your own blended scotch by combining these five expressions in varying amounts, so the possibilities are endless.  

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Delicately combined, each flavor characteristic is unique, reflecting personal tastes and perspectives on the perfect blend.

“It’s all about expressing yourself and being a little bit creative, and having a little bit of fun,” said Rhys Wilson, global brand ambassador of Chivas Regal. 

Rhys Wilson, Chivas Regal's Global Brand Ambassador 

Photo by Chivas Regal.

“In the end, you get a little bottle of whisky that literally does not exist anywhere else on this planet, and that’s something pretty cool,” Wilson told Esquire Philippines

If you’re thirsting for a whisky masterclass, you can sign up for the next session by following this link

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Wilson will teach you how to blend your own whisky by selecting from among five different flavors in the kit—floral, fruity, citrus, creamy, and smoky—and pouring them in a bottle to create a Scotch that’s uniquely yours.

“At Chivas, we believe that with blending different flavors in whisky and in life is the perfect blend for success,” said Mary Jane Wong, brand manager for premium whiskies. “We want our fellow whisky fans to experience what it’s like creating something that perfectly suits their own tastes, and we’re excited to see what they can come up with during this session.”

You can try to replicate the taste profiles of the Chivas XV when you get your blending kit. It is available at S&R with a retail price of P1,500.

Photo by Chivas Regal.

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