This Filipino Craft Beer Tastes Like Biscuit, And We Can't Get Enough of It

Monkey Eagle Brewery, a microbrewery in the Philippines founded by brewers Noreen Lao and Ricardo C. Lopa Jr., just launched its newest beer called Free Flow. It is a Bohemian Pilsner made with a recipe originating from the Czech Republic. It is Monkey Eagle’s first crack at a style of beer that most Filipinos are familiar with—the Pilsner/Lager. 

“Versatile and refreshing, Free Flow (which has an ABV of five percent and an IBU 25) is a Bohemian  Pilsner which is our ode to one of the oldest styles of beer. We developed a lager that would introduce commercial beer drinkers, beer enthusiasts, and anyone passionate about libations to try and experience a historic beer style that originated in 1842 in the Czech Republic,” says Noreen Lao. 

Dating back to the 1800s, the Bohemian Pilsner is one of the oldest and most traditional styles of beer. Many commercial beers in the Philippines are actually of this same style. Monkey Eagle Brewery refined the process and added its own style using German-made equipment and the practices the founders picked up studying abroad.

What does Free Flow taste like?


Upon drinking the beer, you pick up notes of biscuit with a crisp and slightly sweet finish. Versatile and refreshing, you can drink this beer any time of the day and easily pair it with almost any food. As with any of Monkey Eagle’s beers, you’ll also find that each bottle is consistently made with the most sanitary brewing practices and techniques. 

Monkey Eagle Brewery is a craft beer company in Tagaytay, Philippines which started in 2014. It's known for beers such as Psychedelic Blonde Ale, Saison Farmhouse Ale, and General Luna Ale.

Monkey Eagle has been producing premium-quality craft beers made with fine ingredients. Each year, the company brings new additions to their lineup such as Summer Slice Watermelon Kölsch, Daydream, and now Free Flow.

If you're celebrating Oktoberfest with family and friends, you can order the brewery's beers, which are currently available on its website. 

How Monkey Eagle Brewery shook up the local beer industry.

The Philippines is a heavily beer-oriented nation, and the founders of Monkey Eagle Brewery knew they had to be more than just another beer brand to succeed. So they decided to establish a microbrewery in the Philippines that makes world-class craft beers.  

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Although the brewers started brewing a couple of years earlier, it was not until 2014 that a complete 50-liter brewery system was set up in the house of one of its founders.  

After a year of testing different recipes and honing their craft, the brewers armed themselves with a formal education in brewing in the Siebel Institute in Chicago and Doemens Academy in Germany.  

The brewers also traveled to international breweries in the U.S., Germany,  Austria, Czech Republic, and Belgium to learn from the different practices of these countries. The founders of Monkey Eagle Brewery then decided to proceed with their plans to build a bigger, full-fledged microbrewery.  

In November 2016, the brewery in Tagaytay was built and outfitted with German brewing equipment that helped increase its brewing capacity to 1,500 liters. 

Today, Monkey Eagle Brewery is known for producing safe, high-quality crafts that undergo stringent sanitary measures. 

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