Start Your Home Bar With This Essential Cocktail Kit

Stay old fashioned, my friends.
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Having a long, stressful day at the office? The kind where you can’t wait to come home to an ice-cold beer (and a loving wife or girlfriend) to help you decompress? We all have those days, and understanding partners, if we’re lucky, but why not class up your relaxation operation instead with a gentlemanly drink.

Being able to mix a stiff cocktail is a nice post-work ritual that can be more relaxing than popping open a bottle of beer and turning into a caveman for a few hours, and it’s an important gentlemanly skill, too. But with any essential skill, it’s good to master the basics first. And what’s more classic–or gentlemanly–than an Old Fashioned.

Old Fashioned Cocktail Kit (P3,950)

So before you get carried away planning to set up an entire home bar, start with learning how to make an Old Fashioned and practice. A lot. Until you’re as at ease making one as Don Draper before his first client meeting. And while you might not have a secretary to ensure your personal bar stays fully stocked, you can easily order online what you need to get started.


Bevtools, an online liquor purveyor, delivers convenient kits which come with everything you need to make an Old Fashioned: a bottle of Wild Turkey Bourbon 81, Angostura bitters, a muddler bar spoon, a Japanese jigger and two rocks glasses.

If you prefer ginger beer and vodka in your cocktail, there’s a Moscow Mule kit, too, which comes with a bottle of Smirnoff Vodka, Bundaberg Ginger beer, two copper mule mugs, and the same jigger and bar spoon. When you’ll eventually run out of liquor because your partner/friend/boss starts to really appreciate your craft, you can also task Bevtools with speedily replenishing your bar.

Moscow Mule Cocktail Kit (P3,950)

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