Fat Bastard and Other Weird Wine Names

What's in a wine name? Apparently a good story. Here are our favorites.  

Casillero del Diablo

What do you do when your wine is so good, your workers keep stealing it? Play on their superstitions, of course. Despite that fact that he kept his cellar under lock and key, Don Melchor Concha y Toro’s renowned wines kept disappearing, so he spread the rumor that the devil lived in his cellar. Before he knew it, people were claiming to have seen the devil themselves, and the story became a legend. Needless to say, Don Melchor’s wines never went missing again. They’ve even made a video about it.

Website: www.casillerodeldiablo.com/en

The Kings Series 

The Mariscos’ family history reads like something out of The Game of Thrones: royal bastards, piracy, treason, and executions. It makes perfect sense for them to pay tribute to their unfortunate ancestors through their wine. With names like The King's Bastard, The King's Thorn, The King's Favour, The King's Wrath, and A Sticky End, each bottle references the ups and downs of the family's relationship with 13th-14th century English royalty. 


Website: thekingsseries.co.nz/

Tall Horse

This South African winery takes its name from the first giraffe to be brought to Paris in the 1820s, where people were fascinated by the “tall horse” that had been gifted to their king. Like its namesake, Tall Horse isn’t afraid to look a little silly. In fact, their vintners have made it their mission to strip wine of its pretensions, and everything about their branding—from their whimsical wine labels to their search for new African comedians—just exudes fun.

Website: www.tallhorsewines.com/

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Ménage à Trois

This winemaker is known for their three-grape red blends, hence the cheeky name. The tasting notes for their Midnight blend read like something out of an erotic novel:

“Do you like to do it in the dark? You will, after we captivate you with our gorgeous garnet color, and seduce your palate with our bold blackberry and plush spiced plum flavors. But it doesn’t stop there. We also bring you joy with hints of mocha, and exotic spiced kisses, which will linger on your lips. Our supple, expressive taste with its long, flavorful finish intermingles with blackberry pastilles and hints of violet. Once you embrace our velvety Midnight Red Blend, you’ll reveal your deepest, darkest desires.”

Website: www.menageatroiswines.com/midnight

Fat Bastard

No, this winery has nothing to do with the Austin Powers character. The name’s origins lie in the moment renowned French winemaker Thierry and his gregarious British friend Guy tasted a wine they had been experimenting with. Astonished by the wine’s vibrant color and “rich, round palate,” Thierry exclaimed (we approximate): “Now zat eez what you call eh phet bast-ard!” “Fat bastard” was Guy's favorite expression for things he thought were awesome. Right then and there, the friends decided it was the perfect name for their new wine.


Website: fatbastard.com/

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