A Wine Delivery Service to Help You Cope During These Troubling Times


We don't have to say it aloud, but it might be therapeutic to say that times are f*cked at the moment. No matter how optimistic a person is, the COVID-19 situation is stressful. There are the usual questions: Could I have it? Is this cold coronavirus? Did my elderly mother touch that public doorknob? Did I sanitize it before she touched it? I spent Tuesday with a confirmed COVID-19 case then I saw his exposed sister two days later, how long should I be in quarantine? The uncertainty is bananas and the government is just making things worse

You need to unwind. Take this time indoors to pray, be productive, and to calm the eff down. After all, COVID-19 anxiety has led to psychosomatic symptoms in some people.

The answer: wine.

It's Week Three of quarantine and we have to ask: How many bottles do you have left?

It doesn't matter what your answer is because you can never really have enough wine in storage. And if there's anything good that came out of the lockdown, it's wine delivered at your doorstep, a couple of meters away from the door. 

The Winery.ph is one of the last wine delivery shops still operating through the enhanced community quarantine. Though it's now operating with a skeletal system, it's still up and running for your wine needs. It even has lockdown packages to get you through these tough times.

Its catalog ranges from Argentina to South Africa and features reds, whites, dessert, and sparkling. Pretty much any wine variant you would want. You'll find something that will work well with your fancy corned beef or your spontaneous living room date night. You can get beers, too, to match that Netflix marathon.


So take a sip, calm your nerves. With wine, we're going to get through this together.

Cash on deposit is currently suspended and orders that are over P5,000 are qualified for delivery. 

Visit winery.ph.

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