Filipinos Spend P23,000 on Beer Annually, According to Study

Sounds about right.

The World Beer Index for 2021 is out. Why should you care? Sure, it's statistics, but it's all about a thing we love: beer. The boozy study, conducted by consumer website Expensivity, reveals pretty interesting stuff about beer never known before.

Researchers collated prices of a 330ml bottle of beer from supermarkets all around the world. Then, the data was combined with statistics from the World Health Organization to find the amount of alcohol consumption per capita, as well as the annual beer consumption percentage.

According to the study, Qatar has the most expensive beer in the world with an average price of $11.26 (approximately P549) per bottle. Meanwhile, the cheapest beer can be found in South Africa with an average price of $1.68 (approximately P81) per bottle.

"A beer in Qatar is expensive. The mostly Muslim country introduced a 100% tax on alcohol imports ahead of the 2022 World Cup, and visitors need a special permit to drink alcohol," the report said.

The Philippines scored just OK in terms of average beer price at $4.25 (approximately P207). Not bad... but if you really think about it, we're in the same range as the U.S., Germany, and the Netherlands. That said, we still do spend a lot on beer, with an average annual beer bill totaling $485 (approximately P23,000).

Is P23,000 annually for beer accurate for you?

Yes, I love my beer.

Who's counting?


Other interesting findings? The Czech Republic was found to have the highest consumption rate with 468 beers per person per year. On the other hand, Germans spent the most on beer per year at $1,907.78 (approximately P93,000) on average.


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