6 Essential Gelato Places in Manila

As the Manila heat continues to get hotter, it's only natural to look to cold things to ease the pain.
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As the Manila heat continues to get hotter, it's only natural to look to cold things to ease the pain. One of the tastier solutions to this problem is gelato.

Compared to ice cream, there are fewer places that serve gelato around Metro Manila. While what sets gelato apart from ice cream might seem rudimentary to the naked taste bud, there’s actually a huge difference between the two. Gelato is churned at a slower pace, which lets in a lot less air than ice cream does. This leaves a smoother, silkier texture than ice cream, and lets the flavor take more of the center stage than the fat. Gelato also melts slower compared to ice cream, which is perfect for the harsh, summer sun.


Morelli’s has its roots in the U.K., when Giuseppe Morelli got on his bicycle and made a living selling ice cream. This earnest tradition continued for five generations, before expanding to other countries like Dubai, Kuala Lumpur, and of course, Manila. Morelli’s markets itself as a heritage, a brand built on the recipe of a traditional Italian family, and its taste remains faithful to that tradition. The flavors are as simple as can be, but intense and pronounced. Aside from their gelato, they also offer sundaes, milkshakes, and Arabica coffee. 


Morelli's has branches at 3/L Shangri-La Plaza East Wing, Mandaluyong City; 2/F Power Plant Mall, Makati City.


Gelatissimo is practically a household name in this country. Throughout its history, it has never wavered in quality and the roster of flavors continues to grow. Aside from offering staples like strawberry, pistachio, and chocolate, they also have options like the biscottino (their take on an Italian-style cookies and cream), banoffee, and panacotta. Gelatissimo has also branched out to pastries as well as other composed desserts—making it one of the best and easiest places for the perfect summer treat.   

For a list of branches, visit www.gelatissimo.com.ph.


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Manila Creamery

Manila Creamery is a recent addition Manila's gelato catalogue, but its quickly building a reputation thanks to the way it integrates local flavors to old-school Italian techniques. Trained in Italy's gelato schools, they've managed to apply tradition to delicacies like salted egg cheesecake, matcha taho, and latik latte. The people behind this young gelato brand have a knack for converting favorite flavors into gelato, like turon and tinutong na kanin. The newest addition to their menu? Mindanao Milk. It’s the perfect gelato place for the proud Pinoy.

Manila Creamery has branches at Cinema Level, UP Town Center, Katipunan, Quezon City; Industrie Loft, City Golf Plaza, Julia Vargas Avenue, Pasig City.

Bono Gelato

Bono Gelato is one of the most accessible gelato places in the Metro, having outlets nearly everywhere. What sets them apart is (1) how strictly they adhere to the standards of gelato-making, keeping them in enclosed containers; (2) how they take famous flavors and elevates them—like offering burnt salted caramel instead of, well, the usual salted variety. Instead of run-of-the-mill ube, they have ube velvet, which is deeper, creamier, silkier than any ube ice cream you've had from your childhood. 


They also have one-of-a-kind flavor combinations on their menu for the more adventurous gelato fan, like Mango and Chocolate Brittle, Nutella Crunch, Butter Beer, Taho, and their award-winning Mango Ube Symphony.

For a list of branches, visit www.gelatobono.com.


Aside from their best-selling gelato flavors, like Mango Cream pie, Ferrero, and Sans Rival, Caramia also has a range of gelato cakes. Using their winningest gelato flavors, they’ve crafted amazing ice cream cakes that are perfect for all occasions. Some of our favorites include the Chocolate Symphony, which combines chocolate and Bailey's gelato, chocolate wafers, and chocolate butter cake; Mango Passion, with gelato riddled with mango chunks then sandwiched between a pie crust and mango slices; and Brazo, which is their own, gelato version of the Brazo de Mercedes.

For a list of branches, visit caramia.ph.


Afters Espresso & Desserts

Afters markets itself as a cafe more than anything else, but we can't just forget their gelato selection. The owner of this coffee shop studied in the prestigious Carpigiani (Gelato) University. They have everything from regular chocolate to Aztec Chocolate to Ferrero Rocher to Snickers. Their Pistachio is one of the best in the Metro. 

Afters is at 20 Lansbergh Place, Tomas Morato Avenue corner Scout Castor Street, Sacred Heart, Quezon City, Tomas Morato, Quezon City.

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